Gridsum Prophet

It encompasses all of the Company's AI capabilities to deliver differentiated capabilities for intelligent products and provide support for overall solutions planning.

Gridsum has recently consolidated all of its AI business,technically,organizationally and strategically,into a new division called Gridsum Prophet.Gridsum Prophet is directly headed by the Company's Chief Technology Officer,Mr.John Jiyang Liu.Gridsum.Prophet encompasses all of the Company's AI capabilities,including machine learning,natural language processing,image recognition,predictive industry modeling and knowledge graph.It powers the Company's intelligent products and solutions across the matrix of clients and industry verticals.It also allows the Company to see cross-industry,client and demographic correlations and relationships to add further value for clients.

Gridsum Prophet is increasingly valued in creating new differentiated product features for the Company's existing products ( automation) as well as defining and shaping new products,such as the Company's social monitoring and brand management solutions,legal solution,intelligent CRM and financial services solution.The Company expects the new division to play an increasingly key role in customer acquisition,ARPU growth and new product development.