Panorama of Technology Capabilities

Based on Gridsum cloud,Big Data platform,visualization platform and Gridsum artificial intelligence engine (Gridsum Prophet),Gridsum owns a variety of technology capabilities including natural language processing,data mining,correlation analysis,real-time analysis,and knowledge graphs,providing intelligent Big Data solutions for clients from various industries.

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Gridsum leading technical abilities

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is an interdisciplinary branch of computer science,AI and linguistics.Gridsum has established joint laboratories of Chinese semantic analysis techniques with Renmin University and Harbin Institute of Technology for Research,and is leading the industry in the Chinese word segmentation,emotion recognition,extraction of evaluation of relationship,page analysis,news classification,and semantic disambiguation.

Real-time Analysis

The real-time streaming data processing engine independently developed by Gridsum is able to provide real-time insight analysis of online data and significantly improve the service capabilities of Gridsum in real-time data analysis.It has supported millions of online users when broadcasting CCTV's Gala of Chinese New Year,as well as real-time statistical analysis of live for Olympic Games,European Cup and many other international sports events.

Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is regarded as the infrastructure for intelligent applications such as next-generation search engines and automatic Q&A systems.Gridsum has successfully entered many industries,including judiciary,automotive and finance,providing intelligent verdict files creation services and enhancing machine learning capabilities for understanding user's inquiries through semantic analysis of context in different scenarios.

Data Collection

Based on years of development and rich experience in customer services,Gridsum's data collection technology is able to accurately and efficiently capture and transmit user behavior data and fully support various mainstream platforms and devices such as PCs,mobile and set-top boxes,providing a reliable and high-quality data source.In term of data collecting method,it provides a variety of formats and functions,including event tracking code,visualization event tracking and "no event tracking",etc.,so as to adapt to demands from different scenarios.Gridsum owns several national patents for its data collection technologies.
Gridsum practical application of technical abilities

Marketing Automation Service for PICC

Gridsum has been provide PICC with high quality SEM services since five years ago.Based on its unique cross-account and cross-platform big-data marketing management platform,Gridsum empowers PICC not only efficiently optimize operations of multiple platforms,but also by integrate data from multiple media and front- and back-end systems,and automatically creating visualized reports.Based on rich data accumulated over years of cooperation,and its data mining capabilities,Gridsum helps PICC expand its marketing leads,acquire new customers,and plan budget allocation automatically for clients,and make reasonable marketing plan.

Support for Olympics

As the exclusive big data technical support provider for CNTV for 2016 Rio Olympic Games,Gridsum provided real-time data analysis of video streaming activities of hundreds of millions of users from CCTV website,PC,mobile phones and tablets.Gridsum provided the CNTV management team with analysis services for real-time ratings and performance monitoring of sports games,where more than 5 million users were online at the same time,to help CNTV understand viewing channels,sports and athletes preferences,viewer attributes,and users' viewing experience.Through real-time processing of massive data,Gridsum big data platform provides strong data support for the operation and maintenance of the live streaming on new media for the Rio Olympics.

NLP and Knowledge Graph Empower Juridical System

Gridsum's solutions for the judicial system use natural language processing,data mining and information retrieval technologies to analyze the texts of public documents related to the law through recognition,semantic association,pattern matching,syntactic analysis,and abstract extraction,as well as combine mass corpus to train legal language probability model to improve the accuracy of analysis.According to the specific business needs of customers,it supports data dimensions and indicators of custom case analysis,in order to meet customer demands in their daily work,including customized statistical analysis of legal topics,intelligent matching of identical and similar cases,one-click push,deviation warning,and automatic document creation.