General Judicial Industry Solutions

Build Big Data Centers|Analyze Data Connotation
Go beyond Data|Discover the Beauty of Data

Gridsum provides comprehensive legal AI solutions for the industry based on distributed Big Data platforms to serve the overall professional legal community,including judicial and administrative government agencies,enterprises,universities,research institutions and lawyers.

Build Big Data Centers to Enable Data-Intensive Applications

Utilizing distributed computing architecture based on its proprietary developed big data platform and the real-time correlation analysis associated with leading data warehouse build-up,Gridsum customizes its Big Data centers for legal practitioners to achieve integration and analysis of massive data,mining the value of data and provide users with intelligent application and service solutions of legal data based on Big Data and cloud computing technology.

Connotations Analysis and Services of Data

We process and analyze structured,semi-structured and unstructured data,dissect and interpret data in details,and provide comprehensive intelligent data services including aggregate statistics,correlation analysis,multi-dimensional analysis,and trend analysis.

Go Beyond Data and Support Decision-Making Process

Constructe knowledge graph of the concepts,knowledge,facts,and relationships in the legal world in order to facilitate the decision-making process with data and reveal the value of laws.

Discover the Beauty of Data and Visualize It

Based on data mining and data visualization technology,Gridsum analysis and visualize data based on various legal scenarios to serve decision-making and empirical research.Gridsum offers customized projects based on users' needs,connecting data,cleaning data and then analyzing them,and presenting data on various terminal in visual ways.