Procuratorate Solutions

One-stop Search|Automatic Voice Transcription|One-key Analysis of the Case
Automatic Generation of Documents|Intelligent Identification of Similar Cases

Gridsum uses big data technology to define procuratorate solutions in a new fashion.It demonstrated similar cases and sentencing recommendations,handles judicial case,serve procuratorial reform to achieve an overall solution based on big data and procuratorial work.

One-stop Search Increases Efficiency when Handling Cases

Based on "Faxin" platform,which is equipped with proprietary legal knowledge navigation system,law dissector,and smart push engine,the solution analyzes massive legal provisions,case essentials,legal opinions,and referees,then further provides users with efficient,accurate one-stop legal solutions.

Automatic Voice Transcription: Intelligent Case Handling Assistant

It integrates Tencent voice recognition engine and deeply customizes and refines business scenarios such as prosecution,interrogation,court sessions,and conferences.It is able to accurately convert voices into texts,which increases the efficiency of record editing and is also able to integrate and generate legal documents automatically,which can reduce recording time and improve work efficiency.

One-Click Analysis of Cases,Push Related Knowledge

Prosecutors often need to search for a large number of case-related knowledge,laws,and regulations when handling cases.Conviction and sentencing system integrates the "Faxin" application of People's Court Press and the arrangement of details of sentencing in different places and combines with similar case identification functions to achieve targeted knowledge push and case analysis,provide reference knowledge for conviction and sentencing assessment,and provide efficient solutions for the case handling.

Automatic Generation and One-Click Upload of Legal Documents

Based on the style of authoritative documents by law,it analyzes electronic documents by natural language processing,machine learning,sequential labeling techniques and other technological means,then applies the results mapped with the knowledge graphs to smart document generation system.It can automatically identify key elements and generate prosecution documents,and then provide tools for protect online information anonymity to facilitate prosecution information disclosure.

Intelligent Identification of Similar Cases: Early Warning of Deviation

The early warning visualization system is based on demands for same judgments for similar cases and the early warning of judgments,and covers all areas of civil and criminal cases and can be widely used in scenarios such as case quality assessment and litigation supervision.The similar cases warning system analyzes the procedural documents entered by the users by natural language processing,data mining and machine learning technologies,identifies the deviation values of the cases according to the results of similar cases,conducts visual display,and supports the comparison and reference of specific case files.