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Multi-dimensional Dissection of Verdicts|Detecting Relevance of Cases
Break Down Network Barriers|Real-time Speech-to-Text Technology
Text Analysis Based on Judges' Needs|Visualization of Case Judgments
Foot-printing the Whole Process of Litigation

We offer a smart court solution with systematical ways of using data,and offer services of visualization,in-depth insights,strong predictive ability and with superior application values.

Multi-Dimensional Dissection of Verdicts to Realize Intelligent Retrieval Analysis

It carries out infinite dimensional analysis,clustering analysis,and intelligent sorting on innumerable judgment documents.It supports complex sifting and combination of cases with any dimension.Not only can it achieve the traditional retrieval and positioning of documents,but it can also achieve 270+ judicial dimensions,30+ business statistical indexes,and the internal calculation,analysis,and presentation of elements in 1,800+ cases,thus comprehensively examining trial situations,helping judges handle cases,and contributing to the empirical research of the law.

Detecting Relevance of Cases Enables One-click Push of Identical and Similar Cases

It is the first time ever that China has incorporated artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning to match identical and similar cases and intelligently push them in one-click.It supports the expression of legal facts and legal relations with legal language,looking for the same cases and the input of the entire formatted judgment document matches the same case.It supports the expression of fact cases with natural language,looking for the same cases and forecasting the analysis results,and achieves intelligent matching and one-click pushing with similar cases.

Break Down Barriers of Data and Enable Remote Trial

It overcomes obstacles brought by the information network,creates the effective and safe transmission of data from special network and Internet via data storage,transmission,and exchange services,and provides online litigation services from pre-litigation,case registration and trial to post judgment.Litigation participants can use network services to achieve remote filing,remote response,evidence exchange,online evidence,online inquiry,remote court trial,electronic delivery,similar case push,and file access,enabling information to be relayed to more parts and people while going through fewer procedures.

Real-Time Speech-to-Text Technology: Transcript Completed on the Spot

It relies on the speech recognition engine to enable real-time speech-to-text on the spot and improve trial efficiency.Professional corpus ensures more complete vocabulary and more accurate recognition.It is easy to operate and easy to use.At the same time,it has a strong learning ability and expansion ability.

Analyze Text based on Judges' Needs: Create Legal Documents in One Click

According to the electronic documents selected by the judges,the trial needs are automatically analyzed and a judgment document is generated with the click of a button.The system achieves an intelligent push-knowledge database which not only supports the push of applicable laws,similar cases,and case series,but also templates of fact confirmation,judgment and judgment results,or parts of similar cases.It integrates knowledge map research results and feeds relevant dispute issues and keynotes of the case to the judge,avoiding duplication of labor and improving the quality and efficiency of case handling.

Visualization of Case Judgments that Provide Warning of Deviation level of Similar Cases

Analyze the entire formatted judgment entered by the user,mine the relevance of the case according to the results of the analysis and the needs of the user,find and compare deviations,achieve intelligent matching and pushing of similar case judgments.At the same time,using advanced D3 technology,it has a flexible and interactive visual presentation form,achieves visual early warning display of decision information in the judgment of similar cases,supports information drill-down for the documents of similar cases,and conforms to the user's mind of "know what it is,know why it is".

Deep Application of Electronic Files Achieves Accurate Case Handling Assistant.

By virtue of Gridsum's big data platform,it achieves data connecting and functional integration based on the court's existing and prospective applications in order to assist the judge during the process of handling cases.It changes the high cost,labor intensive,low efficiency found in traditional case handling where they look for similar cases,typical cases,serial cases and related knowledge.It reduces duplication of judge's work in compiling documents and automatically generates judgment documents according to the judge's needs.It prevents the issues of "different judgments on the same case" when judges handle cases and promotes trials to be standardized so as to provide comprehensive and three-dimensional assistant services for judges and the presiding judge.
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