Industrial Internet Platform and Solution

Flexible access of multi-type data | design concept of "large platform, micro service, light application"
continuous delivery capability |cross-industry and specific-theme application services
full-stack cloud services with independently controllable cloud with native characteristics

Focus on various kinds of core equipment, apply IoT, big data, cognitive analysis, and other new technologies to research and develop corresponding industrial internet solutions, build industrial internet operation systems with proprietary intellectual property copyrights, which are based on big data, general PaaS, knowledge graph, micro service, and other technologies, fully supporting the running status surveillance of enterprise production, equipment monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Support flexible access of multi-type data

Flexibly access different equipment, automation and application system, internet, and other multi-source and multi-type massive data by standard data acquisition protocols (such as Modbus, Zigbee, Bluetooth LE, REST) and with the help of real-time streaming data access, off-line batch data access, and other technologies, conduct effective storage by hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), non-relational distributed database (HBase), and other technologies, and integrate the marginal analysis results into the cloud platform.

Follow the design concept of "large platform, micro service, light application"

The platform utilizes the API life cycle management architecture to support the quick development of micro services and quick import of existing micro services, realize the unified monitoring, distribution, management of service assets enterprises, construct the ecological group of industrial application, and achieve platform cloudization, data assetization, application servicization, service assetization, and industry intelligentization.

Provide full-stack cloud services with independently controllable cloud native characteristics.

Based on the traditional three-tier cloud architecture, the platform architecture integrates agile delivery, DevOps, micro service architecture, and organizational transformation, etc., presets abundant public services, forges unique cloud platform + content service capabilities, and the big data services based on PaaS cloud platform can take full advantages of elasticity, agility, high efficiency of cloud.

Provide continuous delivery capabilities by DevOps technology

DevOps major functions include container-based project management, resource services, environment distribution and pre-formed container image, can provide unified management of API and APP based on cloud platform, and create, allocate, manage cloud-based development and test production environment for various development organizations, so as to ensure the consistency and smooth migration of environment.

Support cross-industry and specific-theme application services

Provide flexible application services and visually demonstrate analysis results for intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension, and other typical application scenarios by specific industry, scenario and theme as service provider of cross-industry technology platform, based on open environment deployment.