Oil and Gas Big Data Platform and Solution

Real-time data acquisition and transmission
On-site real-time production monitoring|Diagnosis and early-warning analysis and production visualization
Oil and gas production optimization|Intelligent decision making support of oil and gas production

Based on the construction of accurate,real-time and efficient data acquisition and connectivity system,the oil and gas big data platform and solution establish the storage,integration,analysis,insight,and management application environment for big data of oil and gas industry,implement the modeling,software,and servitization of business,technology,experience,knowledge,etc.,and support the intelligent decision making and business model innovation in production systems for petroleum and petrochemical enterprises.

Real-time data acquisition and transmission

Comprehensively support all kinds of real-time data acquisition and real-time data transmission in oil and gas industry,unified acquisition and data integration of different oil and gas business application system data,and establish a unified,accurate,and efficient data acquisition environment and connectivity system for the oil and gas big data analysis and application.

On-site real-time production monitoring

Focus on the production operation site,provide real-time production monitoring,intelligent remote control,equipment running monitoring,real-time engineering operation monitoring,real-time security environment monitoring,and other real-time production monitoring applications,and realize the real-time automatic operation and safety production control of the whole production operation site.

Diagnosis and early-warning analysis and production visualization

Provide real-time intelligent diagnostic analysis of production,equipment analysis and predictive maintenance,early warning analysis of security equipment,comprehensive early warning of production,production visualization application,and other data analysis applications for different real-time streaming data,historical data,knowledge and experience data,complex unstructured data,etc.accumulated in the oil and gas production control,and support the real-time analysis and process refinement control of oil and gas production.

Oil and gas production optimization

Focus on production management personnel,comprehensively utilize cloud computing,big data/artificial intelligence,and other new technologies,integrate expert wisdom essence and automation technology,create different kinds of business optimization models,provide core intelligent production optimization applications covering exploration and production optimization,reservoir production optimization,engineering production optimization,ground production optimization,equipment running optimization,production running optimization,safety production optimization,etc.,and support continuous optimization and intelligent applications of all main nodes in the overall process of oil and gas production and operation.

Intelligent decision support of oil and gas production

Focus on the decision-making management level,build a series of expert decision support systems in oil and gas exploration decision optimization,development and production decision making optimization,production running decision making optimization,safety and environment protection decision-making optimization,etc.,realize the intelligent retrospective analysis and automatic optimal configuration of different business element indexes,provide scientifically and efficiently intelligent decision-making support environment for oil and gas production,and comprehensively support the innovative development and intelligent transformation of oil and gas enterprises.