Enterprises Informatization Planning Consultation

IT-master-plan|IT management regulation
Overall solution of IT security|IT standard system

Research and develop solutions for general planning of information technology,and digital transformation of enterprises in combination with the requirements of digital transformation,and provide consultation services in informatization management system,informatization overall-process methodology,information security solution,IT standard system,and other fields.

Making-up IT-Master-Plan

Utilize the three-step method of status survey,technology outlook,and overall planning to research and develop the general IT-Master-Plan which C16supports the business develop and can be implemented.

Development of IT Management Regulation

Utilize the method based on the general flow of informatization to research and develop specific IT management regulation for the implementation of enterprise IT work in accordance with the thinking of "management systematization,system flowing,flow formalization,form informatization".

Overall Solution of IT Security

Research and develop the overall solution of IT security system,including three major projects of IT security management,IT security control,and IT security technology.

Construction of IT Standard System

Research and develop IT standard planning,including 6 major categories that are data,application,infrastructure,information security,operation & maintenance service,management.