Government Websites Service Solution

Monitor Visitor Behaviors|Carry Out Website Survey and Optimization
Integrate the Data from a Group of Websites

Provide government agencies at all levels with information services related to websites,including detailed website analysis services,optimization services on Internet influence,website survey,and big data service of integrated government service websites.

Monitor Visitor's Behavior and Support the Optimization of Upgraded Websites

Detailed website analysis service and 24/7 comprehensive data collection regarding visitor behavior help website administrators quickly identify website service weakness conduct automatic detection of netizen's demand,provide quantitative results for website optimization and then drive development of government websites towards a flatter structure and services that are more active.

Thorough Website Examination and a Sustainable,Healthy Development of Government Websites

The company independently developed a government website panorama survey system in strict accordance with various standards and requirements regarding the survey of government websites from the General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China which is capable of complete inspection of government websites.It mainly focuses on the survey of website availability,information distribution,and interaction and practical level of service,helping website administrators timely identify falling parts to meet requirements of general survey documents from the General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.It also carries out targeted improvement to realize the sustainable,healthy development of government websites.

Implement Website Optimization and Enhance the Influence of Websites on the Internet

Search engines and social media are important ways for netizens to get information via the Internet.Through carrying out SEO and SMO on government websites,Gridsum changes traditional ways of content distribution,expands information dissemination channels,and enhances the visibility and penetration of the content in order to enhance the effectiveness and influence of the content on these websites.

Integrate the Data from a Group of Websites and Enhance the Integrated Management

Gridsum solutions effectively conduct the integration management of website data;break the situation of decentralized management for various governmental websites and help website managers achieve an intuitive grasp of the overall operation and demand of websites by virtue of the management system of government websites.
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