Knowledge Database Solutions

Application of Knowledge Database|One-stop Search
Diversified Service and Customized Recommendation

Gridsum links the Internet data with various publications,literature and documents,as well as business data,and then builds up the knowledge graph.We also provide comprehensive,objective data support for leadership decisions,research and learning.

Application of Knowledge Database

At present,Gridsum's applications of knowledge database for e-Government services are: provincial level service hall knowledge database,national safety production publicity and education database,and Big Data service platform of China's reform information service.Gridsum provides comprehensive and objective data support for relevant leadership decisions,research and learning.

One-Stop Search

Different formats of Information (such as text,picture,video and material objects) are all included in a knowledge database to provide intelligent and extended search to achieve smart matching of similar results across databases.

Diversified Services

Based on the knowledge database,Gridsum provides diversified information including trend analysis based on academic and business approaches,industry development analysis,experts and institutions analysis to create social value.

Customized Recommendations

We provide customized recommendations according to users' attributes and interests to expand the access of information and meet different needs of individuals.
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