Government Internet Service Solutions

Readiness of Services|Service Response Abilities
Smartness of Service Capabilities

Gridsum solutions assist provincial and municipal government websites and governmental agencies in enhancing the intelligence of government services.They enable government service to be more intelligent and make enterprises and people access government's services more conveniently,quickly and efficiently.

Readienss of Services

Our solutions evaluate government readiness of services by screening key information in the government website responsibility list,government information disclosure catalog,and public service list.

Service Response Abilities

Our solutions comprehensively reflect the service response ability of the Level-I governments on the Internet by evaluating the ability of acceptance,handling,and feedback of various appeals such as public services,interactive consultation,and response to opinions.

Smartness of Service Capabilities

Our solutions direct the Level-I governments to develop smartness of service abilities by evaluating adaptating degree of Internet service application,the degree of personalized service,and the degree of smart learning.