Intelligent Industrial Park Solutions

Precise localization|Accurate Investment Promotion
Screening of Excellent Enterprises|Intelligence Services

We provide services including industrial park research,investment analysis,competition analysis,industry information mining,overall business strengths and dynamic tracking of corporate information.

Precise Industrial Park Positioning

Gridsum solutions position the industrial parks precisely through the dynamic situation of industrial parks across the nation,and local advantages of talent quality and transportation resources.

Accurate Soliciting Investment

We recommend the most suitable enterprises for an industrial park by analysis of enterprise positioning and industry chain ecology.

High-Quality Enterprise Filtering

Our solutions understand the development of enterprises in industrial parks,their growth and changes,and identify qualified enterprises to invest and realizing mutual growth.

Industrial Parks Intelligent Services

Gridsum solutions collect and analyze data of enterprises in the park and integrate the public data of enterprises to help the park create a one-stop smart service platform and provide customized services.