Public Opinion Analysis Solutions

On-line PR Results Evaluation Solutions|Intelligent Public Opinion Solutions

The innovative online PR communication evaluation platform makes the analysis of public opinion easier.Gridsum has formed a strategic partnership with Baidu Yuqing (yuqing literally means "public opinion") so as to open up the data of both parties and provide better services of intelligent public opinions solutions.

On-line PR Results Evaluation Solutions

Zhiyu is the first professional communication effect evaluation platform.Through the platform,companies can trace and analyze hot topicss and PR issues for understanding how news is disseminated among media outlets and gain insights from media communications paths.It not only helps evaluate communication effects and coverage quality,but also helps companies establish fair assessment standards for PR results by providing the PR industry with new and comprehensive services.

Intelligent Public Opinion Solutions

Gridsum and Baidu has established a strategic partnership to provide customers with comprehensive,correct,fast,and intelligent public opinion services for companies grasp the dynamics of public opinions and leading them on the right track.It widely serves various industries such as government agencies,state-owned enterprises,public institutions,brand advertisers,universities,and major projects,effectively improving the intelligent public opinion management capability and swiftness of reacting to the brand reputation.