Telecom Operator Solutions

Get the Most Out of Online Traffic|Drive Operations Through Data
Customize Search Environment|Big Data of Entertainment

Focus on brand marketing and business innovation in the mobile Internet industry,the solutions rely on Gridsum's years of digital support capabilities at the operation end to help operators efficiently achieve their online marketing goals.

Get the Most out of Online Traffic and Achieve Marketing Goals

With focus on conversion costs and traffic quality,the solutions integrate high-quality traffic distribution channels,targeting intended user groups through precise orientation analysis with different understandings of advertising creative ideas and rich promotion methods.They use powerful advertising effect monitoring and optimization capabilities to support precise distribution to help advertisers increase brand awareness and promote downloads of their mobile applications.

Data Driven Operation Improves the e-Channel System

Compared with leading e-commerce platforms,the e-channels of telecom operators face many difficulties such as the single source of traffic and the low conversion rate of key services.Gridsum customizes the end-to-end solution of channel operations for telecom operators,integrates data from media,websites / apps and users,and makes improvements from various aspects,including traffic enhancement,experience optimization and order conversion.

Customize Search Environment and Protect Positive Brand Image

With the combination of SEM + SEO + SMO + ASO,and the integration of "search + public opinions",positive brand images are created everywhere when users start surfing,creating a customizable brand search environment.This not only strongly suppresses negative public opinions under the keyword of brand,but also increases the exposure rate of positive information of brand under generic terms.In addition,it also provides mobile public opinion monitoring and crisis management service to help advertisers enhance their abilities to react public opinions.

Entertainment Big Data Turns Content into Cash

The Solution deeply cultivate the Big data service platform of the entertainment industry and deeply dig the industry data.With machine learning,it is the core competitiveness of content operations and precision marketing services of the entertainment industry.In order to provide data analysis services for IP investment,PGC hatching,star screening,competitor analysis,marketing,and other segments in the industry,we open up technologies and data for further collaborations while being committed to improving the efficiency of content converting to asset in the entertainment business.