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One-stop P.O.E Search Model|
Comprehensive Optimization of Search Results|Intelligent Key Words Placement

Based on Gridsum unique advantages in accumulation and analysis of big data,media solutions use technology to explore services and integrate quality resources across the entire Internet network,providing customers with full chains of integrated marketing services.

One-Stop P.O.E Search Model for Proactive and Defensive Product Promotion Tactics

Gridsum's unique one-stop model integrates paid ads management on paid media,ranking optimization for official website on owned media,and searching environment optimization on earned media.It is also equipped with the leading data processing and analysis capabilities of Gridsum Big Data Platform (GDMP),which can efficiently help brands achieve a comprehensive position on the search results page and beating out competitors,thus helping brands create an exclusive and positive marketing environment,and facilitating the integrated proactive and defensive promotion of products.

Optimize Search Results to Achieve a Healthy Advertising Environment

With more than a decade of experience in search engine marketing,it extracts a method combining the omni-media,omni-channels,omni-terminal natural search results and paid advertising resources.It also integrates the most comprehensive search engine ads to bring more effective traffic to the brand.The optimization of the natural search results can create a healthier online media environment and promote the strong positive exposure of brands and products,thus continuously attracting traffic for the advertiser's official website and landing page and improving target users' loyalty to their advertisers.

Smart and Precise Ad Placement Driven by Big Data as Effective Supplement Tools for Mobile Marketing

Connecting the brand marketing data platform and Baidu DMP platform,the Solution restore the search trails of users and draw people's portraits by analyzing behaviors of users.Utilize look-alike modeling to connect programmable purchase platforms and realize intelligent advertising placement.Accurately locate loyal users and potential users of brands through multi-screen monitoring user behavior.Use keywords + information flow + MDSP placement to facilitate brand communications and improve order conversion.
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