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Optimize Overall User Experience|Improve WeChat Operational Efficiency
Help the Reputation Management of Airline|Empower Brand Marketing Activities

Digital marketing solutions aim to enhance marketing effectiveness through technology and have served many Fortune 500 companies in China and abroad,covering areas of n-line marketing,WeChat marketing,and corporate e-commerce.

Optimize Overall User Experience to Comprehensively Improve Marketing ROI

For brands,the dividends of the Internet traffic continues to subside while the cost for obtaining users is rising.How can a brand attain effective touch with customers?How can the brand influence user in a viable manner?Gridsum's user experience optimization solutions focus on the whole journey of user experience and realize progressive optimization in three aspects: information access,platform use,and brand experience.The solutions rely on refined data operations to achieve the continuous accumulation of user data,helping brands to deeply mine their data assets and comprehensively increase marketing ROI.

Enhance WeChat Operation Efficiency to Improve Brand Marketing

Gridsum WeChat marketing solutions can realize whole process data analysis in the WeChat system for end-to-end integrated marketing.Firstly,WeChat KOL monitoring and evaluation can pinpoint the best opinion leaders for the brand campaign.Secondly,it monitors and tracks effect of the H5 event page in real time to optimize the ad placement channels for the brand.Thirdly,the exclusive search for WSO optimization can seize opportunities for brand exposure.Finally,it deeply analyses WeChat followers to customizes their labels in order to promotes the all-round promotion for brands based on those various labels.

Improve Reputation Management and Quantify Performance of Airlines to Optimize Their Operation

Airlines will focus more on their membership management.Media platforms managed and operated by airlines such as the official website,apps,Weibo,and WeChat have received more attention,which means that the direct connection between airlines and users has become increasingly important.With Gridsum airline brand reputation management solutions,airlines are able to dig into comments and reviews from customers,analyze customers' real opinions,and review data by relying on the overall Internet monitoring.Airlines can also examine their own industry values and optimize their positioning to help airlines optimize their operations and improve their service quality.

Brand Marketing Campaigns to Improve Traffic Conversion Rate

More and more brand owners use different campaigns to increase brand awareness and boost sales.However,can they achieve their expected results?How can they improve the next time?These are issues that brand owners are most eager to solve.Gridsum event optimization solution can gain visibility into campaign ad placement results in real time,optimize overall user experience,and ultimately enhance campaign results.The solution can help brand owners establish their own data assets and continuously optimize the achievement of marketing goals through empirical data analysis and professional data consulting services like modeling and attribution.
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