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CRM Data Integration | Media Decision Dash Board
SEM+DSP Precision Marketing | Public Opinion Monitoring| 360° Evaluation System

Automation solutions offer values of analysing data on media, on plaforms and when sales convert all together, get through isolated data to extract value, and provide one-stop-shopping solutions for clients.

Integrating Data with CRM, Converting Orders with High Efficiency

Intergrate and get through car company's CRM data, and then restore customer's path of accessing car websites on the Internet. Visualize 11 kinds of traceable behaviors of customer of car companies, and assess quality of the Internet traffic to improve the conversion efficiency. The life cycle management module of consumers helps car enterprises to refine the user management, precisely distribute EDM, and personalize EDM marketing through users' demopgraphic traits, having insights of their information with accurate user library to help marketer to decide proper marketing activities.

Media Decision Dash Board Enables Budget Allocation Intelligently

Gridsum's unique big data platform, GDP, has massively formatted and standardized media data, which objectively presents industry situation for car companies. It dynamically plans combinations of media advertisement placemenmt and allocates budgets scientifically based on historical data and searching key words placement goals of car industry. Especially in search media, by analyzing the popular search paths of users to allocate the media and keyword budgets, the solution efficiently saves ad keywords distribution costs and helps enterprises optimizing search key words placement decisions.

SEM + DSP Enables Precision Marketing

SEM attracts target groups to car company's platforms, collecting potential customers by labeling and then conducing cross-analyses, and aims to expand the target groups for sales. DSP conducts precise placement of ad based on target groups and analyzes their behaviors to drive the secondary conversion . In the process, it generates more quality traffic to improve user conversion with the expansion of SEM.

Early Warning for Potential Risks Monitored

Monitor public opinion information in real time. Automatically identify customer's searching keywords, and select optimal methods to manage crisis. Analyze sentiment of text and quickly adopt SEO strategy for negative information. Visualize development trends of public opinions.

A 360° Evaluation System that Optimizes Marketing Efficiency Continuously

Integration of multiple dimensions including user value scores (increase in callback efficiency within the prime time), sales lead scores (predictive lead scores which gain the return value of user contribution), public opinion trend insight scores (precise user opinion and overall product rating) and data channel contribution scores (potential users and the best channels to maximize corporate profits) helps customers to optimize every aspect of marketing and continuously improve their marketing efficiency.
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