Integrated Media Rating Solutions

Data-Integrated Omni-media Viewership System|Viewership Analysis of Program in Seconds
Diverse Data Reports for Various Demands

Gridsum solutions integrates the rating data of traditional TV,Internet,and social media,which fully reflects the ratings of TV and radio in a comprehensive,reasonable manner so as to provide senior executives,channel directors,and column producers with a business overview,assessment,monitoring,input and output analysis to help them make decisions.

Data-Integrated Omni-media Viewership System

The system integrates the data of ratings of traditional TV and radio,Internet TV,and advertising,as well as third-party data,to create an omni-media viewing system.It provides a statistical analysis of audience ratings,market shares,and ranking indexes,and conducts monitoring and early warning of assignment accomplishments in terms of ratings and market share indexes.

Viewership Analysis of Program in Seconds

It combines the viewing data,program data,and program serial data of CSM Media Research to achieve full automation of data processing and get rid of data integration dependent on manual work.It conducts statistical analysis of the audience ratings of television channels and TV programs in seconds throughout the broadcast process and conducts a real-time analysis of channel,column's audience ratings,and the changing trend of the market share.

Diverse Data Reports for Various Demands

It provides multi-state report services to meet the personalized reporting needs of the leader,channel director,and column producer of the TV station,and visualizes viewer data.Statistical indicators can be independently expanded according to business demands to meet the need for customized statistics,and the report supports analysis and demonstration on mobile terminals.
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