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Variety Show Index|Artist Business Index|Program Communication Analysis
Guest Analysis

Through the aggregation and analysis of celebrities,data of TV dramas and programs on Internet media,WeChat,Weibo,and other Internet channel,program Internet dissemination solutions provide comprehensive rankings of indexes on celebrity,TV drama,variety shows and other programs.It also provides comprehensive scientific decision support for the selection,promotion,public relations,and production of individual programs.

The Variety Show Index

It analyzes user behavioral dimensions for mainstream variety shows such as the audience on the Internet,the most discussed content on the Internet,the degree of media exposure,and the highest searches on the Internet and thus obtains the ranking of each show.The index can make the show producer constantly pay attention to the influence of the show and guide the production crew of the program to offer strategies for enhancing brand value.

The Artist Business Value Index

It carries out detailed analysis of current artists' fan groups,personal images,brand endorsements,and professional expertise to calculate the artists' business value and ranked them accordingly.The index serves to provide guidance for the television station on program guest selection,TV drama introduction,and advertising endorsements.

Program Broadcasting Analysis

Users can initiatively track the broadcasting of target programs.Upon analysis of the broadcasting trend of programs through the three major channels including the Internet,Weibo and WeChat,it identifies broadcasting tipping points of program,accurately classifies hot words,obtains positive and negative articles about program broadcasting,and captures verified accounts that have influence on program broadcasting.This helps producers optimize programs and offer guidance of user generated content.

Guest Analysis

It monitors opinions concerning guests and programs through technologies such as semantic recognition and emotion recognition,and immediately grasps the tipping points of words-of-mouth changing of the programs.This supports and ensures promotion and public relations of programs.

Audience Analysis

This analysis is based on the gender,age,region,and interest tags of online audiences.It breaks the conventional paradigm where user profile are only based on television data,and is helpful for the television stations,program teams,producers,and advertisers to understand the audience comprehensively and precisely.
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