Integrated News Solutions

Multi-dimensional Sources for News Reporting|
Customization by Individual|Track the Latest Coverage Distribution

We have master the entire closed-loop process of integrated news,including news clues,press releases,product operation,news communications,and user-recommendations,and provide data support for the construction of a broadcast center of integrated news.

Pay Attention to Media Dynamics and Obtain Reporting Clues from Multiple Sources

Gridsum solutions obtain reporting clues from multiple sources by focusing on rolling news,hot news,headline stories,news breaks,and videos.

Free Customization by Individual

Users can flexibly customize their own news clues according to their own preferences,monitor public opinion,and capture key words of reports.

Track the Latest Coverage in Massive Data

A full-life-cycle tracking of news articles on the Internet show reports in a timeline from major media,and guide journalists to follow the news development.
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