Integrated Solutions for TV Studio Interacting with Audience

Studio-Internet Interaction Based on Cloud Services|Easy to Build with a Zero R&D Input
High-performance Engines with Data Latency in Just a Few Seconds|High-level Security Insurance in Broadcasting

Databridge--an integrated solutions for interaction with TV studio and audience,is a big data solution specifically designed for live and interactive programs,which is a unique all-in-one studio-viewer interaction in the industry.The solution can easily create H5 interactive pages,promptly collect and process interactive data,and connect with broadcast-level security system of networks to ensure real-time interactive data which is subject to customized displaying on the large-size screens in the studio.It significantly reduces investment cost,technical difficulty and implementation period for content planning,technology implementation,data feedback and large-screen display,and other processes at the content preparation stage so as to ensure data stability when aired with its broadcast-level security system and enhance interactive audience experience and program effect.

Studio-Internet Interaction Based on Cloud Services

The solution adopts a cloud service model,avoids high investment and the long turn-around of localized traditional radio and television systems,reasonably integrates computing,storage and network resources,and assists users in quickly building an easy-to-use studio interaction system.This is a pre-paid system based on frequency of live broadcasting activity and the Internet traffic.There's no need to pay a lump sum for facilities,lowering the overall investment cost of the activity.

The System is Easy to Build with a Zero R&D Investment

We provide a platform which is specifically designed to create H5 interactive page to enable studio-Internet interaction with professional functions and many templates.With simple operations,the exclusive H5 interactive page can be rapidly built to the program.While generating the H5 page,it can automatically embed the statistical code.The technical personnel are not required to customize the development,thus realizing zero threshold for interactive broadcasting and greatly shortening the technical difficulties during the network linkage process in content planning,technical execution,data feedback and large-screen display.

High-performance Engines with Data Latency in Just a Few Seconds

Based on Gridsum's Big Data technology to support real-time processing of massive concurrent data,optimize search engines,and separate active data so that the data latency from transmission,collection,and processing to final presentation is not more than five seconds,ensuring the timely representation of interactive data and enhancing interactive audience experience and program effect.

High-level Security Insurance in Broadcasting

Backstage control system for safe broadcasting is provided for the interactive live broadcast to ensure that all critical data may be presented in H5 interactive page subject to both machine and manual scrutiny.The system supports data delay.Once the data are abnormal,the system activates the "emergency" model and uses a primary-and-backup solution to seamlessly transmit interactive data between the studio and on the Internet.
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