Solutions for Service Quality Monitoring Optimization

Business Connecting Analysis|Video Playback Experience Analysis
CDN Service Effect Analysis|Quick Problem Positioning

The user service quality monitoring and optimization solutions actively monitor various aspects of the WAN link,CDN service,and server performance,discovers product defects and performance bottlenecks in advance,and comprehensively enhances the product's user experience.

Business Connecting Analysis

This is an analyze to the user behavior data with product performance.When the data from product is abnormal,it checks whether the product performance failure occurred at that time,and it is convenient for the precise operation of product operation/operation and maintenance.

Video Playback Experience Analysis

Real-time monitoring of users' experience when playing videos.CDN,carrier,geographic,and other dimensional analysis capabilities are provided on the basis of live/on-demand performance data.

CDN Service Effect Analysis

Directional analysis for multi-host access for CDN and load balancing.It helps you get to know the status of CDN services in real time and locate CDN abnormal nodes to ensure that CDN services are normal.

Quick Problem Positioning

The monitored data include: DNS time,connection establishment time,first packet time,redirection time,buffering time,play duration,PING value,NSLOOKUP value,and other information.Through different indicators,the cause of the problem can be quickly and accurately determined.