Interactive Big Screen Solutions at Convergent Media Center

Solutions for Multiple Data Source Adaptation|Interaction between Big and Small Screens
Professional 3D Graphics Engine|Massive Graphics and Chart Modules

Gridsum's big screen integrated visualization solution is a comprehensive visualization product designed to integrate,process and display data from multiple channels.Through an open interface,it integrates various types of analysis results.And it can be customized according to customers' business needs and application scenarios.With professional 3D graphics engines,data visualization results can be displayed on a large screen.By building a large-screen visualization strategic center,it provides strong data support for decision-making and strategy formulation.

Solutions for Multiple Data Source Adaptation

The large screen and visualization integrated solution can adapt to a variety of data sources,including offline files and online API,and implement the summary presentation of multiple business system data.Large screen data can be updated in real time and data source can be requested dynamically.It is able to refresh data in seconds.It is convenient for the leaders to receive first-hand information.

Enable Interaction between Large and Small Screens and Solve Defects in Interaction with Traditional Large Screens

Our solutions provide large-screen console on the mobile end,use mobile phones or tablets to control the content displayed on the large screen via a "remote control",allow a larger screen to display more detailed,richer data content,and create more convenient interaction with large screens.

Use Professional 3D Graphics Rendering Engines to Break Through the Bottlenecks of Motion Effects on Websites

Use rendering engines designed for professional studios and leverage GPU to render massive data,parting single animation effects of traditional web pages and using 3D motion effects to perfectly interpret the value of data.

Massive Graphics and Chart Modules for Content Customization

We provide a variety of visualized graphics and chart modules as well as different types of presentation based on the characteristics of the data.At the same time,we provide rich data template for various industries to achieve the perfect integration of business scenarios and data presentation.A variety of presentation styles are available.Every large-screen content is customized and value-added by a professional designer for every client.
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