User's Intelligent Operation Solutions

Intelligent User Management|Content Notifications Customized for Each User
Old Users Drive New Users|Improve Conversion

The intelligent user operation solutions help users establish a human-based socialized user management and marketing system.Based on the integrated management of users,it helps official accounts increase the number of followers and enhance their loyalty,ultimately achieving users' value through various marketing tactics such as automated marketing,integrated marketing,and the "red packet" marketing."

Intelligent User Management

Through user behavior monitoring and Big Data technology,it intelligently tags and groups users to achieve personalized operation.

Content Notifications Customized for Each User

It sends notifications of personalized information and ensures accurate delivery according to user's behaviors and preferences via an automatic engine.

Registered Users Drive New Users

Users that you already have can attract new users,thus injecting new vigor and vitality into the user group,through integrated marketing.

Improve Conversion

Each activity page can be accompanied by advertising in various forms including screen,banner,button,and deactivation.Sufficient advertising spaces have created huge commercial value.