Core Values: Integrity,Responsibility,Learning,and Fusion.

Integrity is the basic character of human being and is the foundation of one's life.
It means requirements in two aspects for Gridsum employees:
The first is to establish the correct views for life,world and values;
The second is to guide actions with these correct views,tell right from wrong,do the right thing,and affect our surroundings in a positive way with the power of integrity to.

Responsibility is the pursuit of excellence in work and the courage to undertake new tasks and challenges.
Responsibility is an aspect of professionalism.Action speaks louder than words.It means a sense of responsibility as a master of the company.And it lies in every little thing we do.Management shall take the lead and set examples.

Gridsum originates in Tsinghua University.Gridsum's culture of learning is the extension of Tsinghua's motto "Self-Discipline".
There are three interpretations of learning:
The first aspect is individual and organizational improvement through self-learning.We proactively learn and think,understand our own deficiencies and the need for improvement,learn and improve accordingly,apply what you have learnt,and pursue self-improvement.If everyone improves,the whole organization improves.
The second aspect is sharing professional knowledges and work experiences,and grow with colleagues.
The third aspect is to look at the bigger picture and have an open mind.Sharing and communication shall not be limited within the team,but among all departments in the company in order to enhance the overall strength of Gridsum.

It means harmony among people and teamwork spirit.The ideal state of fusion is like teamwork on the playing ground when everyone is aiming at the same goal.
Inclusion means three requirements for Gridsum employees.
The first aspect is to pay respect to our colleagues,superiors,clients and partners,and do things with a sense of respect and gratitude in mind.
The second is that we need teamwork and cross-function communication,where everyone should consciously increase engagement,namely communication skills,putting ourselves in other people's shoes,and showing inclusiveness.
The third aspect is that management should have the awareness and responsibility to create opportunities and to guide and encourage employees to become a team player.