Intellectual Property Guiding Case Service Platform is Well Implemented

Assessment from Leaders

On October 12,2016,Mr.Tao Kaiyuan,Vice President of the Supreme People's Court,assessed the guiding case platform and submitted his assessment to President Zhou Qiang for review.He suggested that.Depending on the Supreme People's Court's Intellectual Property Case Study (Beijing) Base,Beijing Intellectual Property Court conducts the pilot scheme and proactively explores the establishment and perfection of the intellectual property guiding case system.R&D of the intellectual property guiding case system has achieved initial success and is worth supporting.We hope to continue the efforts and put the system into work as soon as possible for facilitating intellectual property trials.


On April 24,2015,China's Supreme People's Court set up the Intellectual Property Case Study (Beijing) Base at Beijing Intellectual Property Court and took the lead in carrying out theoretical,normative,information-based and open research and exploration in the field of intellectual property.This provides as example and experience for the construction of China's guiding case system.For the past years,Beijing Intellectual Property Court has proactively explored the intellectual property guiding case system with transparent and open concept with participatory way.Gridsum provided comprehensive technical support and developed the service platform for the intellectual property guiding case system.


Firstly,as a convenient tool for case querying and utilizing,the platform can effectively add up rules of searching and utilizing,and help the litigates and the agent adapt to the guiding case system in order to compliment the court processes and improve trial efficiency.Secondly,the platform can provide supports for judicial work which helps the litigates to know the practical rules and the judgment results of similar cases to form appropriate legal expectations and know the litigation risks,providing a reference basis for the judge's discretion,mediation and after-judgment reasoning.Thirdly,the precedent examples and cases exhibited by the platform aim to establish judicial credibility and authority,and improve the international image of Chinese intellectual property protection.



The Intellectual Property Guiding Case Service Platform is a comprehensive set of services and applications that support the operation of the guiding case system for intellectual property rights and is based on advanced big data technology.The platform aims at serving the intellectual property guiding case system,and its core concept is to find,recognize,screen,release,quote,and evaluate former cases through big data technology so that the guiding case system is comprehensively implemented and applied.Its characteristics are as follows: firstly,with the judicial work demand as the function design guidance,the platform not only meets the requirements of judges and lawyers in terms of cases,rules,and knowledge content,but also lets ordinary people without professional knowledge sufficiently obtain help by utilizing the platform through natural language processing technology.Secondly,the originally isolate and fragmented data are effectively aggregated through the platform to become uniform intellectual property big data and feedback for the trial processes.Thirdly,the platform successfully integrates and applies the judicial judgment experience in intellectual property (the precious intellectual wealth jointly created by all experts in of intellectual property field),which is the inevitable stage for the development of judicial artificial intelligence.

Honors Achieved

The intellectual property guiding case service platform was awarded the " 2016 Best Solutions Award for the Judicial Big Data Industry",attracting the attention of over 600 media outlets in domestic and overseas.

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