More than What Meets the Eyes:
Insights for the Value of Judicial Data
to Assist Judicial Decision Making inCourts


In recent years,Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province has put its efforts implementing guidance of President Zhou Qiang,insisting to serve people,to serve trial implementation and to serve the judicial management.The Court has proactively applied Internet thinking to accelerate integration of the informatization and judicial work.To further promote the informatization of Jiangsu courts,the construction of data visualization platform has to be taken into action.


Real-time and effective supervision of businesses.

Maximizing value of judicial information and assisting leaders to make an informed decision and with broader view.

Supporting the court in its research work,assisting judicial statistics,and supporting writing of working logs.


Customer Requirements

Integrate data regarding court business of all levels of courts in Jiangsu Province and then to process and analyze data in a uniform way.Transform trial business into multidimensional,comparable,geographical and hierarchical aspects in order to demonstrate several topics like trial dynamics,judicial publicity,and litigation service visually displayed by various scenarios in order to serve of judicial decision and judicial management.


In order for the management at various levels to have a holistic picture,we developed a visualization platform that includes information on the dynamics of trial operations,ultra-long-term unsolved cases,cases handled by presiding officers,and judicial disclosure.To mine and analyze data on the centralized management platform of court are for the function of visual display.The visualization platform constructs the friendly display platform taking several visual tools as the core with latest HTML5,CSS3,d3,ES6 and other front-end technologies.Analysis result data is integrated via open interface which is perfectly presented by various screen terminals according to customer's business requirements and different application scenarios.

We provided judicial departments with complete solutions with visualization including mining and analysis of judicial data,visual data connection,and customized visual design,as well as the development and operation and maintenance of the visualization platform.


The visualization platform of judicial data facilitates management entities at all levels to have a real-time understanding of the trial work in their own jurisdiction,the court,and their departments,as well as related key work developments.It could strengthen their self-management,and promote innovation in management models.By providing application system for assisting judicial work of the People's Court,the system helps information construction of courts in Jiangsu.

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