Similar Case Pre-Warning System
Helps Sichuan Dazhou Intermediate People's Court Achieve
"Double Increase" in Lawsuit Settlement Rate and Judgment Acceptance Rate

Assessment from Leaders

Wang Haiping,President of Sichuan Higher People's Court,and Deng Yong,Secretary of Sichuan Politics and Law Committee,highly praised the pre-warning system for similar cases.President Wang Haiping said that the "similar case pre-warning system" helps solve the issue of different judgments for similar cases.Automatically pushing similar cases and visualization of pre-warning information increases confidence level of judgment by the judge,and support comprehensive evaluation by the trial management office.The system is a new achievement in judicial applications.

At the Sichuan Court Informatization Working Meeting and the Forum of Sichuan Intermediate Court Presidents in 2017,the President of Dazhou Intermediate People's Court said that " big data system of guiding similar cases has facilitated judges work.Based on big data technology,such one-click pushing of similar cases,intelligent pre-warning and "leadership cockpit" have helped judges on the same judgments of similar cases and have enhanced the management level of the court."


"Similar processing for similar cases" shall be adopted to make "all people equal before the law".With law-based governance comprehensively promoted and the enhancement of civil rights consciousness,requirements for judicial fairness from all sectors of society are increasing and people pay more attention to the phenomenon of "different judgment given to the same cases" that goes against the judicial fairness requirement.According to Decisions on Several Significant Problems Regarding Comprehensively Promoting Law-based Governance Made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,a "strict judicature" requirement has been proposed for the first time.Promoting "same judgment for same cases" is the inevitable requirement for boosting judicial justice.In order to guarantee normal execution of same judgment for same cases,manually inquiring same cases from a bulk of cases becomes less realistic and it becomes a must to collect internal and external data to establish an "intelligent court" by means of big data,realize mass storage,quick search,analysis,mining,efficient utilization of judicial information resources of the court,and provide trial of cases by the court with information service and decision support.

However,how the court should transform the abstract and promote the realization of "similar processing for similar cases" based on the abstract principle of "similar processing for similar cases" has become a common problem.After further analysis,the difficulty in realizing "similar processing for similar cases" is that "it is hard for the judge to find similar cases".That is to say,the judge fails to quickly and effectively discover similar cases and then form an effective reference.


The system assists judicial management and supervision.Leadership cockpit helps leaders with decision control and assists the court to upgrade the level of scientific management.

The system assists the judge in giving the same judgment to similar cases.Guidance and early warning before judgment provides beneficial reference for the judge to better exercises discretionary power.

The system helps improve the quality and efficiency of trials.It effectively promotes the solving of the core problem of "justice and efficiency",assisting the judge in making a judgment faster,more accurately,and better,and realizing decisions based on data and effects.

The system assists the judge by helping them learn and make themselves better.It provides the judge with a platform for learning experience and enhances the level of handling cases.



In response to customers' pain points,we designed and developed a pre-warning system for case files that assists judges in realizing cases with the same goal as the primary goal.

The system takes open judgment documents as the data foundation and solves the issue of difficult-to-find-similar-cases via natural language processing,data mining,and machine learning.On this basis,the case document pre-warning system realizes pre-warning information extraction of similar cases,as well as the visual display of specific judgments on similar cases.The system supports flexible interaction,realizes tracing the source of abnormal phenomena by the judge,and enables the judge to "not only know it,but also know how it comes" at the moment of viewing judgments on different cases.

By doing so,the case document pre-warning system has formed a useful path,that is to say,documents for similar cases are confirmed based on the document for the case,documents for similar cases are used to integrate pre-warning information,and the pre-warning information is used on the document of the case in the end.


The early warning system for similar case documents has successfully completed its pilot phase in the field of civil and criminal cases.From January 2018 to March 2018,the claim settlement rate in Dazhou courts was 97.34% within the statutory time limit and the rate of judgment acceptance without appeal was 90.09%,a year-on-year increase of 0.57 and 1.05 percentage points respectively.Since it has been implemented,the rate of retrial and commuting of first trial Dazhou courts fell from 4.8% to 3.78%,and the rate of effective retrial and commuting fell from 0.15% to 0.1%.For more than half a year,the case document pre-warning system has undergone successful trial phases in the field of civil cases.From January 2018 to March 2018,the lawsuit settlement rate of civil cases in the Dazhou courts was 78.91%,and the rate of obeying the court's judgment without appeal was 90.91%,a year-on-year increase of 7.87 and 2.09 percentage points respectively,achieving phased results.

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