Public Opinions for Government Agencies


In January 2017,General Secretary of CPC Committee Xi Jinping gave important instructions with regards to government's work in political and legal aspects: higher work predictability and comprehensively improved prevention and response to various types of risks and challenges.In June 2017,Bao'an District of Guangdong Province officially launched the construction of an early-warning system for political and legal public opinion,covering all sharing requirements of public security bureaus,procurators,legal courts and bureaus of justice.The system should be based on the core services in political and legal areas regarding "general management + stability" through the use of cloud computing,big data and Internet+ technologies.Bao'an aims to build the first early-warning system for political and legal public opinions based on big data in China.


Real-time grasp of the political and legal situations.The system monitors leadership activities and events as well as the deployment of major work,helps the operator understand the overall political and legal situation,focuses on local hot topics in various service areas,and accurately locates the focal work of the department.

Identification of political and legal hot issues.It promptly identifies public hot issues such as contradictions,public security incidents and typical cases for early warning.

Support for the decision making and prioritizing schedule in reaction to hot issues.It comprehensively tracks the development of hotspot events and supports leadership decisions and overall schedule.

Support for response to hot issues.It quickly focuses on public topics,identifies key issues that the public cares about,make targeted responses and improves public satisfactory level.


Customer Requirements

Work related to political and legal public opinions are under high pressure.Political and legal public opinions have traits of easily happening with high frequency.It requires every level of the politics and law committee to have the ability to conduct a 7x24 continuous and comprehensive monitoring and the ability to efficiently and accurately identify hot issues and sensitive events so as to "release authoritative information within 5 hours and hold press conference within 24 hours" in order to react to those incidents when happened.

It is hard to meet the needs of the political and legal industry with general public opinion products.The political and legal agencies are responsible for various tasks such as maintaining stability for society,the comprehensive management for social security,and the prevention and crackdown of cults.Each has its own characteristics and regulatory requirements.A specialized,sophisticated,and intelligent early-warning system is urgently needed.

The delay of public opinion monitoring misses the best timing for response.Important public opinion may be missed by the current public opinion monitoring platform.Early warning may be misjudged in public opinion monitoring;improper handling of public opinion events may lead to secondary public opinion disasters.


Quickly focus on core demand: The services of political and legal departments are very complex and staff can only spend a limited amount of time to mainly displays public opinions.This requires the system to grasp the concerns of project users and to accurately and efficiently provide effective content.The home page of the system focuses on hot public opinions,sensitive public opinions,and real-time public opinions to help leaders and service personnel efficiently and comprehensively grasp important information.The information center lists the latest public opinion information according to the service functions of various departments,helping the service personnel to understand the political and legal development in detail and support the follow-up.The analysis center provides a variety of charts to help service personnel analyze and dig out the public opinion trend.The management center automatically generates analysis reports to ease the pressure of manual analysis and improve the efficiency of information reporting.

Closely center the service on political and legal affairs.The service system serves as the backbone to drive public opinion data collection,monitor the topic configuration,and build system function modules.In terms of data collection,based on the comprehensive coverage of core channels at home and abroad,it focuses on strengthening the collection of political and legal news,Weibo,WeChat and other channels.It focuses on strengthening the collection of local legal sensitive public opinion channels such as the community owners' forum.For monitoring topic configuration;it takes the service system as a framework and refines the monitoring content layer by layer of web pages.In terms of the establishment of system function modules,it optimizes the subordinate relationship of the system and takes major services as the entrance to display the public opinion information and analysis charts by each layer.