Knowledge Database Case


The China Institute for Reform and Development(CIRD) has the most authoritative and centralized information on reforms in China.However,how to effectively organize the information has become the most strategic issue for the think tank,which serves the research experts in the government specializing on the topic of China's reforms.Currently,the main problems are:

The information related to China's reforms on the Internet is dispersed.

Online and offline data resources related to China's reforms are independent.It is difficult to organize and save these data resources.

There is much information regarding China's reforms but it is rarely to use.It lacks the process of data collection,analysis,application and feedback.


It satisfies the needs of all parties for information on China's reforms and builds a special information service platform implemented with big data technology to realize goals of information integration,analysis and sharing on the Internet,fully considering the professionalism and authority of the products.It leverages the latest technology to display a heavy load of information regarding China's reform so as to enhance the attractiveness of the products.



The reform information knowledge base and document management system of the CIRD adopts Big Data and cloud computing technologies to integrate and manage data from multiple sources,realizing the full integration management of data regarding China's reform in order to build China's reform information database.The system also provides management functions such as editing,uploading,topics and column management of data.Based on the Clients' need,the data that has been automatically classified through machine learning could be classified as purposed,and can provide functions such as text information retrieval,hot issue discovery,sentiment analysis,and similar article comparison and analysis.

The integration,automatic classification,and the full management of China's reform information are for building China's reform information knowledge base.It not only provides a basis for the construction of analytical applications,but also provides development space for follow-up designs of key systems and product development services.

Multi-channel integration of information regarding reforms.The management system for government industry knowledge base provides on-line information of reforms with functions of data collection,local data upload,as well as data management and analysis.

Automatic classifying information regarding reforms.The data is divided into different libraries according to the characteristics of reforms,such as people,field,regions,and institution.

Reform information analysis.It provides functions of text search,analysis,hot issue discovery,sentiment judgment,hot word parsing,and similar article comparison and analysis.

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