Aiming at the youth market,SGMW launched the first small SUV Baojun 510.How can they make more people be aware of it,and thus help the brand complete its transformation?
After attracting the attention of potential customers,how can they use search engines to enable potential customers to know the product information,stimulate their desire to purchase the car,and obtain more clues of their information?

Promote the brand image of SGMW and take this opportunity to start the brand transformation to embrace the younger generation in order to enrich the brand connotation and achieve its development;

Reach more target audience: young customers (post-85s,male);

Motivate potential customers to leave their information on the landing page to facilitate the conversion based on purchasing behaviors.


Use content marketing to ensure interactivity and user experience;

Use Big Data for precision marketing to stimulate the sales when launching Baojun 510;

Collect a large number of sales clues for SGMW via a series of marketing activities.



Create a new-era marketing mode of "Variety show+Search+Recommendation"

Sponsor a TV show so that the brand name could appear with its title for quickly raising the brand awareness

Bind the search words of the show with the car brand to strengthen the relationship between Baojun 510 and the show,and raise the influence of the brand.

-Targeted delivery of keywords about the show,Establish the relationship between the brand and the TV show

-Make A/B test between the model words/competitor words,Cater to the real browsing demands of Internet users

Stimulate users to leave information by the expansion of "Data+Content"

-Use Big Data multidimensional analysis to establish database of potential users

-Integrate the user behavior data and Baidu searching crowd data for an exclusive customization of Baojun crowd data package

-Information flow advertising + bonus activity to enhance the favorability and participation of users


Use content marketing to insure interactivity and user experience;

Take advantage of the large data precision marketing to stimulate the sales when launching Baojun 510;

Collect a large number of sales leads for SGMW via a series of marketing activities.

Within the 40 days of advertising placement,the Wuling official website has received tens of millions of exposures and hundreds of thousands of user traffic.

Compared with the conventional way of ad placement,the CTR raised by 220% yoy,the duration time of visitors increased by 82%,and the average number of visiting pages increased by 20%.

The average CPA of Baojun 510 decreased by 41%,the best level in the industry.

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