InterContinental Hotels Group began to expand to second-tier cities and below.How could they find their argeted customers?After locating them how could the group attract their attention and facilitate subsequent order conversion after finding them?

How to find their customer base living in the the second-tier cities and below?

How to attract their attention?

How to facilitate order conversion afterwards?


The repurchase rate within 30 days reached 30%;the new users of high-end brands increased by 30%;the active level of frequent user in 90 days increased by 30%.

Online revenue increased by 30%.



Taking the users searching for IHG brand as samples,with the help of the user behavior tracing technology of Gridsum online monitoring system,to differentiate user of InterContinental Hotel into more subgroups.

With the help of Gridsum cookie mapping technology and the background of cooperation with the media which own massive data,we successfully labeled their Internet behaviors of three types of users and clarified the potential needs of these targeted users.

We customized mobile technology-based marketing solutions based on differentiated user for InterContinental Hotel.


Online revenue increased by 30%;
The repurchase rate within 30 days reached 30%,40% of increase in CTR;
New users of high-end brands increased by 30%,60 % of increase of interaction rate;
The level of activity in 90-day regular customers increased by 20%,200% increase of on-line conversion rate.

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