"Convergence-Journalism Central Kitchen"
of Zhejiang Radio & TV Group —
Smart Media Convergence Platform Unique for a Radio-TV Group


Zhejiang Radio & TV Group (the Group) is a comprehensive media group whose major business is radio and television broadcasting with branches covering cultural products.

In the development of media convergence,the Group takes journalism convergence as the first step of media convergence."Central kitchen",as the core of journalism convergence,is an important carrier for pushing in-depth convergence of media.It is a top priority to build a smart media convergence platform based on internet big data technology that is different from newspaper groups and has characteristics of radio and television,to facilitate the development of journalism convergence and communications convergence.

As a core television station in Zhejiang Province,Zhejiang Radio & Television Group has to make the "central kitchen",not only serve its needs but also the needs helping journalism convergence of Zhejiang's television stations at the municipal and provincial levels.This is also an important factor that needs to be considered during the construction of the central kitchen.


Discovery platforms for news lead built in the solution have been used in the Group's editing and broadcasting meeting every day,and become an important tool for journalists to select news materials.Event analysis service was used during the 19th session of the National People's Congress to effectively track the trend of communication,hot words in communication,word of mouth,and news communicated in various channels throughout the network.It provided an important basis for the special report of the 19th Congress by Zhejiang Radio & TV Group.

Gridsum's solutions to communication programs on the Internet enables real-time monitoring and analysis of communication of a dozen of the Group's mainstream programs.Appropriate suggestions can be made about the development trend of the program.It provides a strong basis for further promotion and adjustments to the program.

The Group's visualization large screen command center was formally put into use on September 30,2017.Various links in convergence have been effectively connected.It has become an important window to demonstrate outcome of convergence by Zhejiang Radio & TV Group.

The overall solutions offered by Gridsum are based on the SaaS platform.With flexible configuration and a low operation and maintenance cost it can be rapidly duplicate the services to any other television stations at the municipal and provincial levels,as well as help television stations at the provincial level,to solve their problems of traditional central kitchen with high construction cost,a long construction duration,high technical barriers,and complicated maintenance and management problems,and to facilitate the process of media convergence.All the initiatives have built up its authoritative position of the Group in medial convergence.At the same time,it has been differentiated from the central kitchen of People's Daily in terms of operations and services.


Convergence Journalism Big Data Solutions

Collaborating with Baidu,Sina's weibo,Gsdata and Hangzhou Fanwen,Gridsum's news lead discovery service is to conduct real-time and all-rounded monitoring on main-stream web media,WeChat,Weibo,video websites,and netizen's searches.Journalists may obtain first-hand news leads in real time through media coverage,hot topics on Weibo and Wechat,web searchs,and viral videos.These provide a lot of raw materials for first and secondary news production,which has been enriched news sources and enhanced timeliness for news production,complementing the disadvantages for traditional media in terms of news leads gathering.

Even analysis service is able to track and monitor development trends,communication routes,key nodes,and media of covering the hot events.Through multi-dimensional and in-depth analysis of opinions of media/netizens/experts,hot key words,region,and netizens' profiles,more threads and materials are provided for the media to give in-depth reports of events,which helps media follow the development of events to make focused and in-depth reports.

Internet Communication Program Solutions

Gridsum's solutions for communicating programs through the internet can effectively create a system for content communication throughout the media.It integrates communication data of media such as television,Internet television,WeChat and Weibo and other media,and solves the problems of single sources which traditionally evaluate TV program's effectiveness.The method supports scientific decision-making processes on program promotions and peers analysis.

Ranking list of variety shows can monitor existing mainstream variety shows in real time.With analysis of audience behaviors of the program,such as targeted online audience,the most discussed show,media exposure,and the most searched show,it can practically generated a ranking list of each variety show.This can encourage producers of the shows to pay attention to the influence of the programs,and push the production teams to come up with strategies aiming to raise the program value.

Program communication analysis service can follow up a show's dissemination trend,tipping point,hot words,and positive and negative comments on Weibo.It can help the producer of the variety show to optimize and adjust the content according the analyzed results and make the next strategic arrangements.Program producers may well leverage users' creative thoughts to make television shows.

Show guest analysis service can immediately detect the change of word of mouth about the guest based on semantic and emotional identification technologies.It can support the safety of guest selection,promotion and publicity for the show.

Audience profiling service offers analysis of gender,age,location,and program interests of audience watching the program on-line.This is a breakthrough because traditionally only television audience can be profiled.This helps television stations,production teams,producers,and advertisers have a more accurate and complete understanding of the show's audience.

"Weibo,WeChat,One End and One Net " Matrix Operation Solutions

The matrix can monitor Zhejiang Radio & TV Groups' TV,website,APP,and its related Weibo and WeChat accounts.This provides data support for the operation of the convergence media matrix.

WeChat operation and analytical service can monitor and sort statistics about numbers of article published,read,and frequency of posting of the Group's official WeChat accounts and its peers' accounts.It helps social media operators compare those figures,track problems when operating,and it will benefit operators to enhance operating tactics.

Weibo operation analysis service can directional tracking and monitoring frequency of posting origin of the articles,numbers of comments,likes,and followers' profiles.This makes social media operator able to evaluate scientifically about quality of articles followers,and differences compared with its peers' Weibo.It's a positive circle of data supporting operation strategy and vice versa.

Website and app operation analysis service can help the Group understand new media traffic changes and sources of users.It can help the Group have an idea of user activity to optimize channel promotion.Based on user behavior data,it helps to optimize products' operation experience and improve users' conversion rate;eventually,it improves the competitiveness of products through content operation,the publishing of products,and technical operation and maintenance.

Large Screen Visualization Solutions

Gridsum built a central kitchen command center with large screen for the Group to integrate and visualize business data such as news production,hot issue monitoring,new media operation,and content dissemination.It provided a basis for the Group to make decisions during big events such as the National Day and the 19th session of the People's Congress.It provides a strategic command platform for the production of "data-based news",building the platform that is based on content products for user and purposed communications.