The National IPTV Data Center Platform of China IPTV


With the rapid development of the IPTV business, more and more pilot cities are being established and user data, operation data, content data, and are increasingly important. Apart from that, more and more provinces are connected to the business data interface. Business data management is very important for IPTV operation. Therefore, as the sole general operator of IPTV in China, it is very important for China IPTV to use data efficiently to support data statistics, analysis, and in-depth excavation work for various business operations.

Having understood the IPTV user development in provinces that have data access, how to increase user numbers and enhance user loyalty with their IPTV service provider are key points based on which the IPTV’s operation center could form marketing strategies.

How do we adapt to the viewing habits of users in various provinces, introduce programs that local users like, and improve product marketing strategies? How do we improve operation efficiency and optimize user’s product experience?

Other key points include: How do we improve content quality of value-added products? And moreover, how do we realize a refined operation of products and improve revenues?


IPTV users in provinces with a complete data connection have seen a steady increase every year, as well as a decreasing churn rate. In addition, user’s daily power-on data, it was also shows that user activity is gradually improving.

Through analysis of user’s viewing behavior, guidance can be given to the Content Operation Department so that it can choose pictures and design the EPG pages more reasonably, which increases the number of broadcasting by page clicks. Currently, the number of users that directly order a videos is basically twice as much as those that watch live broadcasting.

Currently, the year-over-year growth rate of the amount of orders placed for value-added products steadily increase by 10%. In addition, it helps customers choose CP cooperating manufacturers more reasonably and plays a key role in introducing products that are more to the liking of users.

Mobile app data make it more convenient for providing data to customers anywhere at any time, making it easier and faster for customers to understand users’ data.


Gridsum TV- end big data solutions combines C3 data of the IPTV in 14 provinces and EPG data of Yue-me set-top box, helping China IPTV conduct a refined operation in the following aspects:

It makes an all-round analysis of change of user state, user turnover rates, users’ activity rate and user’s distribution of provinces with completed data connection so as to give an idea of user development in various provinces in real time.

It actively collects all users’ behavior data and helps the customer content operation department adapt their contents based on user’s habits and revise pages according to the viewing habits of users in different regions, hence further increasing the competitiveness of products.

It conducts refined ratings analysis of various types of programs based on program cataloging (by place of production, genre, etc.) to provide the production operation department with more targeted product marketing strategies.

Through analyzing data of user placing orders in various places, guidance is given to the external cooperation department so that it may bring in products and CP cooperating manufacturers that are more suitable for users. Hence, the number of orders placed for value-added business and revenues can be increased.

While providing data analysis services, connection is made by Gridsum with China IPTV’s multiple types of data sources through “Ling Dong” customized data product solutions. With customized and visualized components, and flexible configuration by dragging and dropping, an operation and use interface that meets the needs of different operation departments has been created for China IPTV. Designated data content for designated provinces are allocated to corresponding users according to customer’s needs. At the same time, the program is able to quickly create Android and IOS apps for China IPTV, enabling users to check data anytime, anywhere.