CNTV ( is a national internet radio & TV station under CCTV.It officially began to broadcast on December 28,2009.It provides internet-based audio and visual services to users through channels such as websites,mobile apps,and PC apps.

When products were introduced online,the most important thing for business development of CNTV is how to grasp opportunities to promote its products and make suggestions about product optimization and content operation through user behavior data to compete against other internet video websites and improve its market share.

While a huge amount of user behavior data is collected,CNTV needs to demonstrate maximum value of big data throughout promotion,marketing,production and operation processes by combining data with internal operation and appraisal mechanisms.

In addition,it is an important target for the business development of CNTV to collect new media data through its products,provide help for program production,and then make new media data become an effective basis for CCTV to improve ratings.

Finally,CNTV needs to integrate data through a strategic control room and aggregate various types of data from all terminals so as to make it convenient for visits of leaders and strategic decision making.


User Big Data analysis services are provided for the full line of products on CNTV in order to satisfy refined operation needs for various new media products.Time delay for statistical analysis of user behavior data sneeds to be shortened to less than one minute so that it could demonstrate viewer's watching behavior immediately after the program is aired and it could also provide real time feedbacks for content editors about user's preference toward the program content.

We provided services to CNTV including users' video-play experience assessment,analysis on CDN provider's services performance at different areas and that for different operators.We also helped CNTV make more than 97% of the videos on its platform available for usage,and time for uploading a video has been reduced by 30%.Real-time monitoring for live broadcasting is also provided for big events such as the Gala of Chinese New Year and the World Cup.We helped technical operation team discover and rule out multiple CDN node errors when those events were broadcasting,successfully preventing malfunctions from happening.

We have helped CNTV including connecting user behavior data and VISMAM,making internal operation and assessment data public and transparent,and reducing the cost of labor for gathering and delivering CNTV's data.

A system of ratings indicators has been established which combines new media with television stations.This helps television networks assess viewing effect of programs and columns,provides the Office of the Editor-in-Chief with ratings of all CCTV channels and programs,provides directors of channels and producers of programs with everyday responses of users towards programs,and then reflects the value of new media data to program's viewer ratings gradually.

Gridsum used "data bridge" solutions to provide CNTV with interactive web pages and interactive data for live broadcasting.The production circle of the interactive part has been reduced to less than three days,eventually realizing interaction between TV hosts and audience with "zero delay".

We have built up a strategic command cabin with big screen to combine Internet Big Data with the business data of CNTV.The service provides foundations for decision making when CCTV produces programs and when CNTV conducts product optimization.All of these are paving the way for media convergence.


Gridsum's Big Data solutions for PCs and mobile apps gather the information of websites under CNTV and helped realize refined operations in that they:

Track traffic change and source of users of CNTV and assess value of channels;

Monitor users' behavior and help CNTV with optimization and revision,further increasing the competitiveness of its products.

Provide CNTV rating analysis of live broadcasting channels,on-demand programs services,and guidance for operation and publishing of video content.
Monitor CDN video service quality of CNTV,provide support for optimizing user experience,and provide real-time video performance monitoring services for CNTV for the big events such as the 2014 World Cup and Military Parade on September 3,2015.

While providing data analysis services,Gridsum has established a connection between many types of CNTV data through its "Ling Dong" customized data product solutions.With customized and visualized components and its flexible drag-and-drop configuration,it has created an internal operation assessment system for CNTV,combining Big Data with its business data.This changes the traditional work process where one department gathers data and then distributes the data to various business departments,prompting the internal appraisal work of CNTV to become public and intelligent.

How to send new media data to television station is a "pain point" of various internet TV stations across the country.Through its "Ling Dong" customized data product solutions,Gridsum has established a connection between ratings data of new media programs and data such as program lists of live broadcasting channels and channels providing on-demand services.This solution also built a system of assessing ratings of television's programs and shows,which includes comprehensive rating indicators,to help TV stations producing programs with the data generated from the system,which may also help raise programs' ratings,laying a foundation for improving ratings.

Since 2016,Gridsum has used "data-bridge",the one-stop solutions for CCTV and CNTV to work as a bridge for convergence between new media and traditional media.An interactive H5 page has been generated through drag-and-drop configuration.Interactive 2-dimension code is provided in live broadcasting to allow the audience to participate in activities.

It solves the problems of a long research and development cycle,high production cost,and high interaction delay in previous live broadcast sessions of TV stations.Colorful interaction has been established with a short time delay,low production cost,and no need for the involvement of technicians.In addition,broadcasting safety is ensured with studio level security.Interaction results are shown on the big screen in the studio,making TV hosts and audience throughout the country immediately able to see the results of the interaction.This increases the audience's degree of involvement.

Based on visualized ability of data integration,Gridsum integrates various types of data such as CNTV,apps,and CDN traffic.It provides a big screen strategic command platform for the construction of CNTV.It provides a visualized platform of data integration for big events such as the Gala of Chinese New Year and President Xi's speech on February 19,where various types of business data are gathered and provided to leaders of CNTV for them to make informed decisions and provide strategic commands.